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Wabbler Deep Attractor Spoon - 3/5Oz Candied Ice 3-1/8", No Hook

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Product Description

For years we have been asked for a heavier version of the Lake Clear®. The new DEEP™ series is just that. Stamped in the same proven shape and design as the original LCW1, the new LCWD DEEP™ is more than twice the weight of the original at 3/5 of an ounce vs 1/3 ounce. The design of the spoon works best at slow trolling speeds, the light weight of the original LCW1 allows for very slow trolling speeds even in shallow water. The new DEEP™ works equally well at slow speeds but will gain depth due to its weight. It also allows for a slightly faster trolling speed in shallower water due to the added weight.