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Bio-Gill Soft Weedless Swimbait, Dark Bluegill, 3 5/8", 3/4oz, Sinking Action, 2 Pack

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Product Description

When rigging you will notice a slot along the top of the Fish Lab Weedless Bio Gill that helps keep the hook point from picking up grass or getting snagged on cover, allowing you to fish it wherever you want. The Fish Lab Weedless Soft Bio Gill also features a deeper than average belly cavity that provides better hook clearance upon hookset. Also featuring a specially designed T-tail, the Fish Lab Weedless Soft Bio Gill begins kicking immediately the instant it comes through cover and it really comes to life when ripped through cover. Available in two sizes and five great colors, the Fish Lab Soft Bio Gill Weedless Swimbait is a great choice to have tied on all year.